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Drive optimal results from your Autodesk investment
With a team of highly skilled professionals and a deep understanding of Autodesk software, KETIV is committed to helping your business achieve unparalleled success.
KETIV Consulting Services

Autodesk Software Consulting Services

At KETIV Technologies, we offer comprehensive Autodesk Software Consulting Services tailored to meet the unique needs of your projects. Whether you’re in architecture, engineering, construction, or manufacturing, our expert consultants provide advisory services to optimize your workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation.

Autodesk Implementation Services

“When we first started using (Autodesk) software, KETIV was so vital, because we were still learning. And when we got in a real pinch, we dialed the support number that we had and were given the help we needed.”

Can Lines Engineering

Embarking on new software can be challenging, but KETIV’s Autodesk Implementation Services make the transition seamless and straightforward. From initial planning and setup to full-scale deployment, we ensure solutions like AutoCAD, AutoDesk Vault, AutoDesk Revit, AutoDesk Civil 3D, and Autodesk Inventor are perfectly aligned with your business objectives. Our implementation process includes:

  • Detailed needs analysis
  • Customized implementation plan
  • Help with setup and configuration
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Data management and integration

Autodesk Training Services

Knowledge is the key to leveraging the full power of an Autodesk products.

By upskilling your team, KETIV not only revitalizes your manufacturing processes and product management but also ensures you maintain a competitive edge. Gain access to an unmatched blend of live and on-demand courses, focusing on Autodesk’s ‘Core’ Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, including Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD, and Fusion 360, among others. KETIV’s training offering is designed to accommodate the diverse learning preferences and schedules of your workforce, offering unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in key industry areas.

With personalized guidance from a dedicated Training Advisor, your employees will receive one-on-one support to define their learning paths, set goals, and achieve maximum technology ROI.

KETIV Virtual Academy
KETIV Virtual Academy is a live, interactive, and free learning experience for design and engineering professionals looking to gain a technical edge.

Autodesk Reseller

As a Gold Partner an authorized Autodesk Reseller, KETIV Technologies not only provides software but also adds value through specialized consulting services. Choose us for:

  • White-glove Autodesk licensing advice
  • Autodesk software training programs, custom training, and free training
  • Top-notch Autodesk support with a 98% satisfaction rating
  • Expert advice on the best Autodesk solutions for your needs

With KETIV Technologies and Autodesk Consulting Services, you gain a partner dedicated to your success. Our advisory service, implementation expertise, and training programs are all designed to transform your project outcomes through the power of Autodesk technology.

Meet KETIV’s Consulting Team

Simulation Team

Snigdha Sarkar
Simulation Practice Leader

Graham Stevens
Application Engineer, Simulation

Devin Prescott
Senior Application Engineer

Design Automation Team

Christine Bonney
Senior Solutions Architect

Eric Paul
Senior Application Engineer

Tiffany Hayden
Application Developer

Data Management Team

Jose Paredes-Clara
Data Management Application Engineer

Donny Hayes
Vault / PLM Application Engineer

Jason Courtemanche
Data Management Architect

Sales Configuration / CPQ Team

Nathan Eliason
Technical Solutions Specialist

Joshua McBride
Senior CPQ Solutions Architect

Anthony R. Rodriguez
CPQ Solutions Implementer

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