Smoother Manufacturing with Quote, CAD, and BOM Automation

Configuring and customizing complex products can be time-consuming and error-prone. But with the right tools, you can streamline your sales and design workflows, improve accuracy, and create better and more numerous designs in less time.

Conduct Business Better

Use the power of automation to build bridges between the customer and sales, engineering, and production teams.
Boost Profitability and Win More
Allow for easy exploration of every option a product has to offer, to enable confident buying and up-selling.
Drive Consistency and Accuracy
Eliminate complexity, unforced errors, and costly mistakes when ordering with guided configuration and quoting.
Connect Sales, Engineering, and Manufacturing
Establish a single thread to integrate your data, logic, and production.

Customer Highlight

Kramp | A New Era of Customer Expectations

Kramp’s automation solution allows a visitor to configure a product on their website, and a validated production drawing is available to manufacturing just 10 minutes later.

  • 35% growth in new customers
  • 40% growth in a single line-on-business

“…the customer sees the tool on the web and starts ordering. It’s as simple as that”

– Marcel Walvoort, Manager Product Configurator at Kramp

* Outcomes from a Tacton/Kramp Case Study

Supercharge Your Designs

Rule-based configuration, automated parts lists, 3D visualization, and CAD file generation can make a meaningful impact on your workflows – from customer, to design, to production. With powerful product configuration and CAD automation, your sales and technical teams can quickly adjust designs to meet customers’ specific requirements.

CAD Automation for SOLIDWORKS
Configure Price and Quote SOLIDWORKS
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS

*Results based on a Tacton Customer Value study

Streamline Your Sales Quoting and Pricing

Arm your salespeople, customers, and distributors with the power of CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote). Easy to access and use, the cloud application expands who can participate in configuration and ordering of complex products.

Create accurate and professional quotes that automatically generate pricing and drawings. This can lead to faster sales cycles and increased profitability with fewer errors. It also allows engineers to focus on what they do best: engineering.

Save Time on Bill of Materials Outputs

With the ability to generate accurate and up-to-date BOMs with the click of a button, your engineers and designers can more easily manage their product designs (and design changes), ensuring that all necessary components are included. This can help streamline the manufacturing process and reduce errors and delays.

Every team benefits from CPQ and automation:

Leaders and Sellers

Close Larger Deals, Quicker
Provide clarity in options to customers, salespeople, and distributors with easy configuration, instant pricing, and automated quotes.
Instant Feedback for Customers
Win more often with no more waiting for design choice validation, pricing details, or a rendering for a customer quote.

Engineers and Designers

Automated CAD, Design, and BOMs
Get out of the minutia of the build. Leverage engineering rules and the power of configuration to drive standardized outputs for quotes and fabrication.
Less Transacting, More Designing
Clear the backlog of orders needing custom engineering and design. Focus on product innovation.


Accurate Drawings and BOMs
Remove the human error in hand-offs. Get validated, accurate inputs you can confidently fabricate upon.
Fewer Errors at Every Step
With rules-driven configuration, the quote, order, drawing, and other aspects of the build aren’t messed up by human hands.

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