Ansys Icepak

Cooling Simulation Software for Electronic Components
Ansys Icepak, a leading CFD solver, revolutionizes electronics thermal management. It accurately predicts airflow, temperature, and heat transfer in IC packages, PCBs, electronic assemblies, enclosures, and power electronics.


Electronics Cooling & PCB Thermal Simulation and Analysis

Ansys Icepak offers robust electronic cooling solutions powered by the renowned Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. It enables comprehensive thermal and fluid flow analyses of integrated circuits (ICs), packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and electronic assemblies. Leveraging the Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) graphical user interface (GUI), the Ansys Icepak CFD solver ensures seamless navigation and intuitive operation.

  • Unstructured, Body-fitted Meshing: Achieve optimized meshing for accurate simulations and analyses.
  • Comprehensive Thermal Reliability Solution: Address thermal reliability challenges effectively with Ansys Icepak’s comprehensive suite of tools.
  • High-fidelity CFD Solver: Benefit from high-fidelity simulations powered by the industry-leading CFD solver.
  • Industry-Leading Multiscale Multiphysics: Uncover intricate multiscale multiphysics phenomena with Ansys Icepak’s advanced capabilities.

Product Specs

Perform conduction, convection and radiation conjugate heat transfer analyses, with many advanced capabilities to model laminar and turbulent flows, and species analysis including radiation and convection.

Network Modeling
Liquid Cooling
Solar radiation
DC Joule Heating Analysis
Dynamic Thermal Management
Parametrics & Optimization
Electro-thermal & Thermo-Mechanical
Varying Flow & Power ROM
Customization & Automation
Extensive Libraries for Thermal

What's New

January 2024 Release

Introduction of Thermal Mesh Fusion

Thermal Mesh fusion enables automated partitioning of the target geometry into subdomains of similarity and then applies the most appropriate mesher to the subdomain. These are then re-combined.

Fluent's GPU solver for Icepak

By enabling Fluent’s GPU solver, Icepak can now employ multiple GPUs to accelerate simulation in HPC/Distributed Computing environments by up to 70x.


PCBs, ICs and IC packages

Ansys’ complete PCB design solution enables you to simulates PCBs, ICs, and packages and accurately evaluate an entire system.

Electronics Reliability

Learn how Ansys integrated electronics reliability tools can help you  solve your biggest thermal, electrical and mechanical reliability challenges.


Ansys battery modeling and simulation solutions use multiphysics to help you maximize battery performance and safety while reducing cost and testing time.

Electric Motors

Ansys electric motor design software progresses from concept design to detailed electromagnetics, thermal and mechanical analysis of electric motors.


Optimizing Electronics Thermal Management with Ansys Icepak

Unveiling Ansys Icepak’s Power

Discover how Ansys Icepak transforms thermal management in electronics. From predicting airflow and temperature to enhancing heat transfer, Icepak delivers unparalleled solutions for assemblies and printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Revolutionary CAD-Centric Approach

Ansys Icepak revolutionizes thermal management with its CAD-centric and multiphysics user interfaces. By integrating mechanical and electrical CAD functionalities, Icepak tackles the most challenging thermal problems in electronics, ensuring precise solutions are validated against real-world products.

Sophisticated Algorithms for Precision

Take advantage of Icepak’s sophisticated CAD healing, simplification, and metal fraction algorithms. These advanced techniques not only reduce simulation times but also provide highly accurate solutions, thanks to automated meshing and solver schemes that ensure a true representation of electronics applications.

Empowering Electronics Innovation

Experience the future of electronics design with Ansys Icepak. Maximize performance, reliability, and efficiency with cutting-edge thermal management solutions tailored to your specific needs. Unlock the potential of your designs with Icepak’s advanced capabilities.

Key Features

Ansys Icepak includes all modes of heat transfer — conduction, convection and radiation — for steadystate and transient electronics cooling applications.

  • Electronics Desktop 3D layout GUI
  • DC joule heating analysis
  • Multiple-fluid analysis
  • Reduced order flow and thermal
  • Thermo-electric cooler modeling
  • Package characterization
  • Integrated graphical modeling environment

Electrothermal Analysis of a PCB

Heat can degrade the performance and reliability of electronic devices. Power dissipation of ICs and power losses across the board are key inputs for thermal analysis.

Electronics Cooling

Ansys leads the industry in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions for electronics cooling. Their integrated workflow, coupled with chip-level thermal integrity simulation software, enables precise thermal analysis for chip-package, PCB, and system designs.

Thermal Reliability

Tight integration with SIwave, Ansys Mechanical, and Sherlock enables Ansys Icepak to accurately predict temperature rises and ensures thermal reliability. Seamlessly conduct multi-physics analyses for electromigration, dielectric breakdown, and solder joint fatigue within the Ansys ecosystem.

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