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By simulating fluid dynamics, engineers and scientists can understand how fluids behave in different conditions and environments, and how they interact with other materials and surfaces to simulate the overall flow of the fluid.

Top Ansys Fluids Simulation Products

Ansys products feature the industry’s most reliable and precise solvers, ensuring you have complete confidence in your results.

fluid analysis software

ANSYS Fluent

An enhanced new Ansys Fluent experience includes a task-based, fault-tolerant workflow so you can perform more computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis in less time, with less training than ever before.

CFD simulation software

Ansys Chemkin-Pro

Reaction mechanism optimization in Ansys Chemkin-Pro increases the speed of combustion simulations without sacrificing accuracy.

cfd modeling software

Ansys Forte

Parallel performance gains in Ansys Forte speed full-cycle internal combustion (IC) engine simulations by 2x.

fluid analysis software

Ansys TurboGrid

Hybrid meshing in Ansys TurboGrid saves hours of hands-on time for meshing complex blade models.

CFD simulation software

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Why Ansys for Fluids Simulation?

Simulation provides an accurate representation of fluid behavior and allows engineers and scientists to study it in a way that is impossible with physical experiments alone. With its efficient and accurate modeling, stunning visual effects and animations, and valuable tools for engineers and scientists, Ansys fluid simulation is a critical solution to understanding fluid mechanics and optimizing the performance of engines, systems, and materials.
Optimized Modeling Experience
  • Reduce time to accurate results with optimized physics workflows, including simulations for battery conjugate heat transfer (CHT).
  • Employ advanced physics modeling capabilities, such as turbulence, single and multiphase flows, combustion, battery modeling, fluid-structure interaction, and other features.
  • Take advantage of a modern and intuitive interface that simplifies the CFD process from pre- to post-processing, all within a single window workflow.
Efficient and Accurate Outputs
  • Use particle-based techniques like smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) for more accurate modeling of complex interactions.
  • Model complex flows such as splashes, foam, and droplets.
Visual Effects and Animations
  • Generate stunning visualizations and animations that illustrate simulation outcomes.
  • Optimized for high-performance computing, which allows for easy solving of large models on either CPU or GPU processors.
Valuable Tool for Engineers and Scientists
  • Provides advanced capabilities for fluid simulation, including the modeling of fluid dynamics, multiphase flows, and heat transfer effects.
  • Easy-to-use interface and powerful analytics tools for studying and analyzing fluid behavior.
  • Useful for analyzing the behavior of liquids in bottles or simulating the flow of air over aircraft wings.

Meet KETIV’s Fluids Expert

Snigdha Sarkar

Snigdha Sarkar

Simulation Practice Leader
Snigdha serves as the Simulation Practice Lead and is a certified Ansys Application Engineer, specializing in Fluids and Multiphysics simulations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Her expertise encompasses various areas, including heat transfer, multiphase flows, discrete phase flows, FSI, battery modeling, and combustion. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, Snigdha possesses an in-depth understanding of how to harness the power of simulation for improving product performance, reducing costs, and minimizing time-to-market. Snigdha specializes in supporting and training customers in CFD and Design Optimization tools such as Ansys Fluent, Discovery, CFX, Polyflow, Chemkin, Workbench, Ansys Rocky, and Autodesk CFD.

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