CNC Automated Setup

Automate the setup and in-process measurement on your CNC machines to speed up your ROI

Maximize Your Productivity with Automated Setup

How often do you experience your CNC machine being “maxed out”?

Automated Setup can help you fill the skill gap in advanced manufacturing, shorten delivery time by reducing waste time on manual setup, and improve manufacturing quality. Get started with PowerInspect, try FeatureCAM, or PowerMill for ‘On Machine Verification’.

How can CNC Automation Help with Your Productivity?

Achieve quick, accurate, and consistent automated setup with the ability to verify part accuracy with FeatureCAM, PowerMill, and PowerInspect.

Increase productivity through CNC automation and inspection

Win More Business
Expand your capacity by effectively utilizing CNC machines and achieving a faster ROI
Increase Efficiency
Replace the traditional time-consuming manual machine setup with automated machine setup
Improve Quality
Verify the machined work piece is as expected for part quality
Peace of Mind
Machine parts with confidence by reducing setup and machining errors


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