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Vault as a Service (VaaS)

Data is at the heart of your organization. It must be managed, updated, and maintained in a cost-efficient, secure, and easy manner. Establish one source of truth for all of your engineering data with KETIV’s unique Vault as a Service (VaaS). Watch the VaaS Webinar

What are your Autodesk Vault challenges?

Looking to reduce the risk and total cost of ownership of running Autodesk Vault? Your team shouldn’t be bogged down with daily Vault management tasks such as upgrading, maintaining, and backup servers and hardware. Eliminate the risk of keeping servers running, secure, and accessible.

Introducing Autodesk Vault as a Service (VaaS) by KETIV

VaaS is the answer for those that are just getting started with Vault or struggle with their current Vault implementation. As a VaaS customer, your only responsibility is to point your clients to the VaaS server in the cloud.

Get the benefits of Vault without the IT and infrastructure overhead to run it. When you subscribe to VaaS, you get fully-managed, Autodesk Vault in the Cloud, backed up with KETIV’s Vault Support and Data Management services. We provide the infrastructure, IT, networking, and security requirements to give your company peace of mind and make running Autodesk Vault a breeze.

Benefits of Vault as a Service

Reduce Costs of Autodesk Vault

Eliminate high costs of upgrading, maintaining, and backing up servers and hardware. Save up to 67% off by going to the cloud from on-premise Vault.*
* Based on three year cost analysis from KETIV

Rely on a Dedicated Point of Contact

Gain support easily with full access to KETIV engineers to help you implement best practices, advanced configuration, and optimization of Vault.

Get Hands-on Setup and Support

Vault installation, maintenance, monitoring and audit service, with backups, disaster prevention, and recovery planning.

Secure Your Infrastructure and Networking

Top-level security through Microsoft Azure hosting and secure point-to-point VPN tunnel reduces the risks of hacking and other malicious behaviors.

Talk to an expert about VaaS

Let’s chat about your data management challenges and aspirations

Free VaaS Download

Cost Savings Projection

Download a three-year cost-benefit analysis of deploying Autodesk Vault vs. KETIV’s Vault as a Service.

Download the Comparison

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