by Fred Ortiz, June 29, 2015

A360 Collaboration for Revit (C4R) - Get Your Head In the Cloud!

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Collaboration and communication while working on a Revit project can be troublesome for an AEC consultant. Having worked for an MEP firm in the past, network worksharing off a localized central Revit model was the norm, which meant designing from an outdated architectural model and creating a clash detection disaster.

There was a mechanical guy routing ductwork and placing diffusers, a plumbing guy routing piping and placing sprinklers, then there was me placing receptacles, light fixtures and routing conduit. When changes were made to our designs, communicating these changes typically wasn’t accomplished until right before we had to submit our model to the architect.

Clash Detection Disaster


Most of the time, our internal design changes weren’t communicated to each other at all. So when the deadline hit and it was time to upload our MEP model, we posted the file to the architect’s Dropbox and let them deal with the collaboration headache. These weekly Revit model uploads and downloads by the project team were inconvenient and antiquated to say the least. Not fun at all for the architect’s BIM Manager who ran the clash detections, or the Project Manager who saw their budgeted project hours being burnt on non-design issues. This file transfer process, along with the nonscheduled clash detection process, costs a firm a significant amount of time and money.

Collaboration Headache


Now enter A360 Collaboration for Revit, also known as “C4R”. It connects building project teams to BIM project data in the cloud and allows project teams to view, search and socially interact on their models. I’ve had personal experience with C4R since before its initial release and have most recently participated in the implementation of C4R at a major architectural firm involving a dozen subcontractors and engineering participants. The benefits of the software quickly outweighed the old school approach to collaborating on a Revit project and introduced the project team to working in the cloud.

Revit Collaboration Evolution


Using C4R allowed the architect and their consultants to upload their Revit models to the cloud and gave them the ability to link their models via A360. Thus creating concurrent multi-firm Revit model authoring in the cloud and permitting each project team member to view and communicate Revit model changes in real-time, using C4R and its integrated “Communicator”. Think of the communicator as an instant messenger used to notify any or all team members of changes pertaining to the project, instantaneously! Using the communicator, you can also capture Revit model changes as an image, mark it up and send the file to your project team.

A360 Team and C4R


Centralized Access To BIM Data


Concurrent Multi-firm Model Authoring


Integrated Communicator

In conclusion, utilizing C4R on their project created centralized access to the most current Revit models with no further need for scheduled uploads and downloads of the updated models. For submittals, the architect and their consultants published their Revit models using C4R directly to their A360 Team project for downloading and viewing with the A360 viewer. With the addition of the communicator, the project team communicated on an daily basis and visualized Revit model changes in real-time. This eliminated clashes in their models, saved the Architect and their consultants time and money and ultimately got their heads in the cloud.

For more information regarding A360 Collaboration for Revit or to join my KETIV A360 Team Hub to view A360 C4R and its features, please give me a call at (714) 716-4997 or email me at

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