Autodesk Inventor 2016 – The “What’s New” Trailers



I’ve been out of the office quite a bit the last few weeks. And while it’s good to be busy, it has put a hold on my video creation schedule.

But as was said in the song, “we get by with a little help from our friends”.

So with the help of the KETIV Technologies team, I have been able to lend my voice to a few what’s new videos for Inventor 2016.

They’re what I’d call “previews”, but they do give you an idea of what some of the new capabilities are! 
I’ve included them below! And I’m still planning on creating more posts! Just give me a little time! 

But take a look at these videos for a tour of what’s new in the latest release of Inventor! 

Part Modeling Enhancements

If there’s anything that gets used a lot, it’s part modeling features. Take a look at some of the new ones here! 

T-Splines Enhancements

If you need to create organic shapes, this is the tool to take a look at! Notice how you can create symmetrical shapes with just a few mouse clicks!

Sheet Metal Enhancements

Tools like automatic thickness detection, zero bend radii, and multi-body support are now in the tool box for Inventor 2016 sheet metal! 

Presentation File Enhancements

These enhancements have been much requested! There’s a lot of improvements, from the interface, to View Representations, a lot of wishes have been answered. 

Home Screen Enhancements

First introduced in Inventor 2015, The home screen has had more features added to it. I’m a fan of the filters for recent files, but there are more enhancements than just that. 

Electromechanical Improvements

Better communication between Inventor and AutoCAD Electrical is the name of the game. Here’s where you can see a bit of them working together. 

DWG Underlay

Do you need to reuse your AutoCAD drawings in Inventor? Do you want to maintain a link between the two? You’ve come to the right place! Check this out! 

Documentation Enhancements

Inventor drawings received quite a shot in the arm this release! View creation is new and streamlined, text creation has been enhanced, and transparent parts are just cool. 

Assembly Feature Enhancements

Do you want to replace more than one part at a time? Do you need to tweak your install for better performance? Or maybe you just want to zoom in to your interferences, or have a more options for component patterns.

Take a look here!

Additive Manufacturing Enhancements

“Enhancement” is probably an understatement here, entire sets of tools have been added that didn’t exist in previous versions of Inventor. Everything from splitting large parts to fit in a small machines, to having envelopes for different machines available.

So there you go! Your epic tour of the new features in Autodesk Inventor 2016.

Time to start Inventing!

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