Autodesk University 2019

Every year, Autodesk University (AU) connects over 10,000 professionals from manufacturing, construction, architecture and engineering for a 4-day conference. It is filled with networking and learning opportunities and knowledge sharing.  

This year was my first time at AU and the experience was jam packed with exciting announcements, amazing technology, and tons of networking. 

Autodesk and Ansys Announce Partnership

The most exciting news of AU 2019 was the formal announcement of the technology partnership between Ansys and Autodesk. At KETIV, we believe in empowering today’s innovators for a better tomorrow. Hence, we currently hold a partnership with both of these companies individually, making the news of this partnership that much more exciting. 

 At the Design and Manufacturing keynote session, Andrew Anagnost (CEO of Autodesk) and Ajei Gopal (CEO of Ansys) sat down together on the stage for a conversation about the partnership. Greg FallonVice President of Business Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk, summarized the partnership best. “Our relationship with Ansys connects our two companies’ complementary technologies and skills to strengthen our joint value proposition, drive expansion across more value chains and unlock tremendous value for customers.”

Read about KETIV’s partnership with Ansys here.

Women in Manufacturing

Another exciting panel attended was the Women of Autodesk sessionAs a woman, I know the importance of hearing from Autodesk’s female leadership on the issue of gender equality. Lisa Campbell (Chief Marketing Officer), Amy Bunszel (Senior Vice President of Design and Creation Products), and Carmel Galvin (Chief Human Resources Officer) sat down with Queen Denchukwu (Senior Manager of Diversity and Belonging Strategy) for an open discussion on the value of networking, finding sponsors, and being authentic.

The panel showcased senior women leaders at Autodesk for the many attendees to see. The room was packed with women from all backgrounds. Therefore, it made for some great networking opportunities after the panel.  

Autodesk Foundation

Lastly, I was fortunate enough to meet many of the Autodesk Foundation customers throughout my time at AU. If you’re not familiar with the Autodesk Foundation, they support the design and creation of innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. As a result, the Autodesk Foundation invests in a diverse group of organizations from around the world that: 

  • Leverage innovative design and engineering 
  • Maintain a commitment to measuring impact 
  • Develop a scalable model 
  • Collaborate with diverse stakeholders 
  • Demonstrate qualified, visionary leadership, and a skilled team 

KETIV has had the privilege of working with many of these foundation customers as a technical partner of the foundation. KETIV team members have and continue to provide mentorship, training, and consulting to these customers, making the world better. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the work KETIV has done with Autodesk Foundation, check out the community page. 

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