Benefits to the Vault 2022 Thin Client & Vault Mobile (and why you should care)


As technology progresses, so do our tools. Especially during the past year for the Vault Thin Client and Vault Mobile. That is why now is the best time to take advantage of this technology, especially if you already own it! These tools allow designers and engineers even better access to their Vaulted Data, without having to be restricted to a full Vault Thick Client license or a desktop/laptop. Here are the benefits you can expect to obtain from adopting these tools:

The Vault Thin Client

The Vault Thin Client is a read-only feature that allows for viewing and sharing Vault data in a web browser. It is important because users outside your design & engineering team can get a live view of the engineering data. Furthermore, it prevents them from making any changes to the data, such as checking-in/out files or changing states. This will prevent accidents and provide security for the engineering team from others in the company or even from outside vendors. It is available for companies that have Autodesk Vault Professional implemented, between 2018-2022.

You can work with your vaulted data using the following features:

  • View data associated with individual vault objects
  • Preview Autodesk Inventor files and other supported file types in the Viewer
  • View records and attachments in change orders
  • Switch between vaults in the Thin Client
  • Share links you can open in the Vault Client on desktop or in the Thin Client
  • Download copies of files directly to your computer
  • And more!

Vault Thin Client Year 2022 and Newer

And with Vault Professional 2022, it gets even better! If you have used the interface from 2021 and older, you will know what I mean. First, viewing 2D/3D CAD models can be done without downloading another tool like Design Review or DWG TrueView; it can be done directly in the Thin Client with the built-in Autodesk Forge viewer. All you will need is a DWF file that is associated with your model in order to view this. You can also now print the screen of what you are viewing to save this as a PNG file type if you are saving a snapshot or trying to print to paper (with the 2022.1 update). Next, they have included the familiar Bill of Materials (BOM) & Where Used tabs for Items (also with the 2022.1 update).  This new interface also has an easier-to-navigate, dark theme.

Vault Mobile

Vault Mobile is a mobile application that is available on both IOS and Google Play. This tool allows you to access your company’s Vault data remotely, as long as you are connected to the network. It is important because you can take your data on a tablet or phone onto the shop floor and view the model on a 2D or 3D View. You can even create comments or markups on the data and update it in the Vault. It has many editing features like the desktop Vault “Thick” Client, where you have the ability to edit Change Orders (ECO’s), Lifecycle states, or even Check-in/out data. Be sure to have a seat of Vault when accessing Vault Mobile, it is intended for those who are already assigned a license and need access to Vault on the go. You can access it with the same Vault Username or Password used on the Vault Client.

  • View 2D/3D designs
  • Check non-CAD files in and out
  • Review, approve, and sign documents
  • Perform QR, barcode, simple, and extended searches
  • Create and participate in change orders, and more


Autodesk is continuing to listen to customers and innovate the tools they use. With Vault Thin Client and Vault Mobile, now it is easier than ever for users outside design & engineering to obtain the data they need. If you have Vault Professional, you already have access to these tools.

Please reach out to or myself directly to have a discussion about how these tool(s) can improve your company’s workflow.

Check out this Autodesk Virtual Academy Webinar where our team navigates through both the Vault Thin Client & Vault Mobile, to get an idea of its capabilities:


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