Hello SSO: Discover Three Key Benefits Now Included in Your Autodesk Standard License


Big news: A convenient and secure way to access your Autodesk products has just become available for all Autodesk Standard plan subscribers, a feature that was previously only available with Premium Plan. As of Monday, May 8, 2023, Autodesk standard subscription users and administrators can now access all Autodesk products through Single Sign-On (SSO) for no extra charge.

What is Autodesk SSO?

SSO is a feature that allows access to Autodesk products using only one set of login credentials. This means that you don’t have to remember multiple passwords for different products and services. And, if you are already logged on to your organization’s network, you won’t need to sign in again to access Autodesk software. How convenient is that?

As advocates of our customer’s success, KETIV encourages customers to adopt SSO to improve the user experience, enhance security, streamline administration, achieve compliance, and reduce costs.

Improved User Experience

With SSO, you can access Autodesk products using the same email and password you use for your organization. This means you only need to sign in once, and you don’t have to remember multiple passwords, which saves you time and reduces frustration. According to a recent study, the majority of employees use their memory to save passwords, many save passwords in browsers and spreadsheets, and the remaining employees write passwords in a notebook.

Enhance Security

SSO provides enhanced security by using a single point of authentication, ensuring that your passwords are received and validated only by the identity provider. By requiring you to remember only one password, SSO also helps minimize bad security habits such as writing down passwords, further protecting your sensitive information.

Streamlined Administration

IT departments report that 30% of help desk calls are related to password reset issues. With SSO, your organization can simplify user management since admins only have to maintain one email/password combo for each user. Password policies applied to your network are also automatically applied to Autodesk services. Therefore, if an employee’s email access is revoked, they will also lose access to Autodesk without the need to revoke access to each service individually. This streamlines administration and ensures that access to sensitive information is secure and in line with your company policies.

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Capabilities Direct from Autodesk:

  • Authentication – Autodesk’s SSO solution supports authentication for federated identity providers (Microsoft Azure, Okta, Active Directory Federation Services, OneLogin, PingFederate, PingOne, and Google Cloud Identity). When signing in, Autodesk Services will route to your company credentials instead of using an Autodesk ID and password. With Premium Plan, Autodesk supports syncing groups and users from your company directory via our directory sync capabilities. Please refer to the directory sync section of the help guide for more information.
  • Support for Single User Subscription, Multi-User Subscription, and Token Flex licensing and Cloud Connectivity for 2017 product versions and later.
  • SSO Sign-in is enforced across all products and services – Autodesk Single Sign-on is implemented via email domain, not by product, project, or endpoint, meaning once enabled the users are required to use their company credentials for access to Autodesk. There is no hybrid solution using the old Autodesk ID + SSO for the same email domain.

If you’re ready to take advantage of SSO, begin your self-implementation by following this step-by-step Autodesk Guide:

If you encounter any issues during implementation, remember you have direct access to Autodesk complementary support included in your subscription. And as always, you can contact us for additional information.

Unsure about implementing SSO? Contact our Autodesk Consulting Team to discuss if SSO is right for you: customersuccess@ketiv.com

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