Integrating CRM and CPQ


There are so many 3 letter acronyms to keep up with these days. From LOL and OMG to ERP, CRM, CPQ, and more, keeping up can be hard, especially when it comes to applying these technical and business acronyms. Let’s explore how two of these acronyms, CPQ and CRM can positively impact your manufacturing business when properly integrated, impacting your output and decreasing your time to market. 

Configure Price Quote, CPQ software automates product configuration, pricing, and quote generation, streamlining the sales process for accurate, and tailored sales quotes. Customer Relationship Management, CRM centralizes customer data, tracks customer interaction, and streamlines communication, enhancing customer relationships, and driving sales growth. This blog will cover how a proper CRM/CPQ integration can decrease your time to market and save your manufacturing company time.

What is CRM Integration? 

CRM integration connects a CRM system with other software to streamline processes.

  • It enables seamless data flow between CRM and other platforms.
  • Integrated systems consolidate customer data for deeper insights.
  • Integration methods include pre-built connectors, APIs, or middleware platforms.

The goal of a CRM solution is to synchronize data in real-time for efficient customer interaction. When your CRM platform is integrated and properly optimized all of your data should speak to each other, allowing employees to all access the same customer information across platforms. 

Why Integrate CRM with a CPQ Tool? 

Integrating CRM software with a CPQ solution is essential for optimized sales and enhanced customer relationships because it:

  • Streamlines sales workflow – Customers have reduced design time from up to 60 hours to 20 minutes
  • Personalizes quoting for improved customer experience
  • Improves sales efficiency with faster response times
  • Enhances visibility
  • Ensures consistency with seamless data flow saving up to 95% of design time

CPQ functionality along with CRM not only streamlines workflows for your sales team but also enhances customer relationships through personalized quoting and improved sales efficiency. 

Common Use Cases

Customized Product Configurations – Quickly generate personalized quotes based on customer preferences, such as size, material, or features.

Automated Quoting Process – Streamline quote generation by automating processes and accessing customer data directly from the CRM interface.

Efficient Order Management – Track orders seamlessly from quote creation to delivery, reducing lead times and improving fulfillment.

Cross-Selling and Upselling – Identify opportunities for additional sales by analyzing customer purchase history and preferences.

Enhanced Customer Experience – Personalize sales quotes and communications to deliver a superior buying experience and build stronger relationships.

Integrating systems like CRM and CPQ may seem daunting but the benefits of such integration are undeniable. By seamlessly merging Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, manufacturing businesses can automate processes, increase efficiency, and get to market faster. 

With reduced design times, faster response rates, and seamless data flow, businesses can achieve unprecedented levels of visibility and consistency. Whether it’s customized product configurations, automated quoting processes, or efficient order management, the integration of CRM with a CPQ platform opens doors to new possibilities. 

In essence, integrating CRM and CPQ isn’t just about optimizing sales—it’s about transforming the way businesses engage with customers, ultimately driving growth and success in the competitive manufacturing landscape. Discover the power of connected data and how CPQ implementation can make a difference here.

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