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by Anthony Rodriguez, February 11, 2022

The Latest on KETIV’s Manufacturing Digital Transformation

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Manufacturing Digital Transformation is sweeping the manufacturing industry. At KETIV, we have spent countless hours educating our team and our customers on the importance of Digital Transformation in manufacturing. From our business strategy to our webinars, KETIV has worked hard to practice what we preach when it comes to digital transformation. Here are a few ways our people, process, and partners have been impacted and grown during this digital transformation boom.



Harvard Business Review states that “Digital transformation starts with people, which is a useful reminder that whenever we talk about data — especially valuable data — there are humans at the end of it.” Our content centers around people. We understand that behind every company is a team of dedicated individuals that begin this transformation process. This is why we also understand that digital transformation must begin with our people.

Expanding Horizons

Two of KETIV’s team members have completed courses from Cornell University and the University of California Berkley focused on Digital Transformation. Training our people and bringing in skilled workers gives our team the technical edge to lead the digital transformation movement for manufacturing.

Adapting to Remote Work and Hiring

In order to continue innovating during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have committed to opening our ranks to remote workers that are skilled in their craft. Allowing remote work has not only opened the doors for the most experienced employees but has allowed our team to expand our national reach in our mission to revitalize American manufacturing. Our staff grew 40% over just 18 months – and that was during the pandemic!


Focused Practice Areas

A majority of our team growth was hiring to establish formal practice areas that expand our focus on helping manufacturers digitize. From Simulation to Design Automation, our team of skilled engineers has got you covered:

  • Our Data & Process Management Practice gives confidence to companies ready to collaborate better across sales, design, back-office, and production. We guide holistically across PLM, custom programming and integration, migration, cloud hosting, and even offer an innovative Vault as a Service offering.
  • Our Engineering and Design Automation Practice provides manufacturers with the highest level of support, from implementation to solutions, to streamline how design is done.
  • Our Simulation and Testing Practice empowers innovators to virtually preview how products will perform in real life, before going through with the expense of prototyping, physical testing, and production.
  • Our Advanced Manufacturing Practice gives the ability to adapt to changing markets by enabling manufacturers to create new kinds of products in nimble and cost-effective ways.

Foundation for KETIV’s Manufacturing Digital Transformation- Data Journey

We espouse that data is the underlying foundation for digital transformation. And, just like you, we seek to centralize operations to better serve our customers. We’ve been perfecting our one-source-of-truth in our CRM/ERP and have brought more and more customer success, project delivery, and our internal staff management functions into a single platform. This streamlines delivery and provides a more complete view of our customers and their projects.


We have partnered with multiple software and innovation companies that are making a difference in our customers’ businesses.

  • Our partnership with Autodesk is what began our business and our digital transformation journey. This partnership has provided the foundation for our manufacturing customers, giving them the software they need to innovate like never before.
  • Adding Ansys to our resume has provided our customers with a new depth of product simulation and testing. The exhaustive toolset allows for manufacturers to simulate every type of structure, fluid, optic, etc. imaginable to build a complete vision for how a product will perform in the real world.
  • Tacton CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) software delivers a seamless customer buying experience for manufacturers in all industries. Conquer configurable selling with visualization, immediate pricing and quoting, and CAD and BOM automation.
  • Pinnacle Series by EaglePoint Software provides a training platform loaded with a variety of software/technical training and business development topics. We’re continually adding value with our world-famous training content, or you can include your organization or project-specific training.
  • Our partnership with Design and Software International (DSI) provides KETIV an even deeper ability to deliver the most advanced manufacturing techniques and processes.
  • We have also brought on partners that have allowed us to expand our reach to new audiences:
    • DLT works with us to expand our reach to various government sectors.
    • SolidCAD is our friend to the north, enabling our business to expand beyond the United States and into Canada. This strategic partnership allows us to help customers across North America.


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