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We've put together a list of simulation related videos, blogs and upcoming events, all created and hosted by our top simulation experts.

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Simulation Blogs

3 Reasons Why You Need to Start Simulating Today

Why is Simulation important? The simple answer is, it saves time and money.

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Are My Simulation Results Valid?

I’ve been working in the simulation industry for a few years now and this is a question that I’ve been asked rather frequently.

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The Business Case for Material Intelligence

Why should materials information matter to your company?

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Connect Digitally to Perfect Reality Using Simulation

Read the blog and download the whitepaper!

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What is The Missing Link for Optimal Product Design?

Read about the challenges of optimal material selection...

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Autodesk Generative Design: The Next Wave of Intelligent Design Automation

Generative design is shaping the future...

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Explore the Autodesk Moldflow Demo

Explore the Autodesk Moldflow Demo

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Meet KETIV's Simulation Experts

Nikhil Venkat

As an Application Engineer, Nikhil has been engaged in consulting and education services for the last three years, with a focus on simulation, CAD and data management. He earned a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida, and Advanced Simulation and Product Design certifications from Autodesk. At KETIV, he works with customers from different industries to help analyze and improve designs and workflows, evaluate product performance and manage design data.
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John Dao "JD"

As a Sr. Applications Engineer at KETIV Technologies, John Dao has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and is licensed with the state of California as a Professional Engineer.
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Simulation YouTube Videos

ANSYS Discovery Live for Fluids Simulation with John Dao

Inventor Nastran (Nastran In-CAD) 101 with Nikhil Venkat

Introduction to Simulation with KETIV's Simulation Experts

ANSYS Discovery Live for Mechanical Simulation

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AU 2019 Showcases the Power of Partnership

Autodesk University 2019 Every year, Autodesk University (AU) connects over 10,000 professionals from manufacturing, construction, architecture and engineering for a 4-day conference. It is filled with networking and learning opportunities and…

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Customer Stories

Can Lines Engineering

Can Lines Engineering was established in 1960 to serve the material handling, processing, and packaging needs of customers. Today, they utilize KETIV Support to continue satisfying their customers.

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