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3D Design

About Ansys 3D Design

Ansys Discovery Live

Discovery Live gives you the power to streamline and automate simulation with electrical conduction simulation, coupled multiphysics — including thermal stress — and instant validation and resurfacing of topology optimization results.

Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim

Latest features include simulation model preparation with shared topology and updated import and export support for the latest file formats. Extended automated feature tracking and constraint sketching is also available in beta.

SpaceClaim XL

SpaceClaim XL is a newly introduced add-in to Discovery SpaceClaim where you can view, interact and make modifications to large assemblies without sacrificing speed or performance.

Ansys Discovery AIM

New enhancements include a sharing tab for creating and visualizing shared topology for the purposes of conformal meshing. Nonlinear springs now allow you to simulate the behavior of bushings or mounts in automotive applications.

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