Autodesk Vault as a Service

Run Autodesk Vault in the Cloud

Get the benefits of Vault without the IT and infrastructure overhead to run it. Establish one source of truth for all of your engineering data with Autodesk Vault as a Service by KETIV.

“Wait…Autodesk Vault in the Cloud is Possible?!”

Whether you have yet to adopt Autodesk Vault, or have been running a mature Vault installation for years, you see the increasing value in streamlining workflows and moving to the cloud.

Introducing Autodesk Vault as a Service (VaaS) by KETIV

When you subscribe to VaaS, you get fully-managed, Autodesk Vault in the Cloud, backed up with KETIV’s Vault Support and Data Management services. We provide the infrastructure, IT, networking, and security requirements to give your company peace of mind and make running Autodesk Vault a breeze.

Benefits of Autodesk Vault as a Service by KETIV

Reduce Costs of Autodesk Vault
Eliminate high costs of upgrading, maintaining, and backing up servers and hardware. Save up to 38.5% off by going to the cloud from on-premise Vault.*
Rely on a Dedicated Point of Contact
Gain support easily with full access to KETIV engineers to help you implement best practices, advanced configuration, and optimization of Vault.
Get Hands-on Setup and Support
Vault installation, maintenance, monitoring and audit service, with backups, disaster prevention, and recovery planning.
Secure Your Infrastructure and Networking
Top-level security through Microsoft Azure hosting and secure point-to-point VPN tunnel reduces the risks of hacking and other malicious behaviors.

Ready to move your Autodesk Vault to a worry-free cloud?

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Introducting Autodesk Vault as a Service by KETIV

Data is at the heart of your organization, it must be managed, and maintained in a cost-efficient, secure and easy manner. How can VaaS help remove the hassles of managing, maintaining, and upgrading your Vault? Get the latest update from Phil Steiger on this recorded KETIV Virtual Academy session on how it provides increased security, ease of implementation, and cost savings.
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Autodesk Vault as a Service by KETIV Cost Savings Projection

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How to Plan an Effective Cloud Data Management Strategy

Data is at the heart of your organization—or at least it ought to be. Your company’s data needs to be managed, maintained, and updated quickly, securely, and efficiently. Integrating cloud-based approaches to your data is an important step to staying competitive.

As manufacturers continue their individual journeys of digital transformation, it’s become clear that, no matter what you make, no matter what sector you serve, data must be at the heart of your business—your product data, your organizational data, your sales data, all of it. In fact, these shouldn’t even be thought-about as separate data sets—that’s the old, siloed way of thinking. Data is data.

And yet it’s not simply the quantity of data that matters, it’s what you can do with it—how well you can manage it, integrate it, share it, and the insights you extract from it, that ultimately make you more competitive.

Moving your company’s data to the cloud is an important step toward leveraging your data in new and powerful ways. Migrating to Autodesk Vault in the cloud enables your users to access it remotely and securely, streamlines collaboration, and ensures every stakeholder is speaking the same language—all in real-time. With data stuck in your data center or on individual computers, options are limited. In the cloud, possibilities expand. But a transition is required.

Data Management Solutions

Product Data Management for Manufacturers
Connect your people, processes, and systems via a digital thread to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Streamline design and fabrication, transform the customer experience, and make bold strategic decisions where they matter most.
Autodesk Vault PDM and PLM Software
Data management software stores all your design and engineering files in one central location with Autodesk solutions. Ensure the right people have access to the right data at the right time while strengthening data security with Autodesk Vault software.