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by Rick Garvey, September 19, 2016

Dive into Autodesk Industry Collections

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Autodesk Industry Collections

The KETIV team recently hosted a webcast and posted the video to our KETIV YouTube channel regarding Autodesk’s Industry Collections. Autodesk has updated the way new and future customers are able to access Autodesk’s programs through a more flexible, simple, and value-focused subscription model.

What Are Collections?

Autodesk explored its large mix of products and took a step back to see if customers were receiving the maximum value from their products. In order to help customers get exactly what they need, Autodesk created three new Industry Collections called: Product Design Collection, Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection, and Media & Entertainment Collection. These collections include all the significant Autodesk products required for these industries. Nevertheless, they’re offered in a way that will provide more bang for the customers buck and optimize spending by lowering operational costs through flexible payment opportunities.

Autodesk Industry Collections give customers access to a wide collection of essential programs and services in one convenient package. Furthermore, Autodesk has made it possible for simple software management so you’ll always have access to the latest software and updates, a unified procurement cycle, and license management is made much simpler.

View the Webcast

Check out the recent webcast below:

At the end of the webcast, our audience asked some very important questions. Here are some questions from the webcast’s Question & Answer portion.


Q: Do I need to download the Entire Industry Collection?

No. Each individual product within the collection can either be downloaded individually.

Q: Can I consolidate multiple subscription contracts?

Yes. Like term subscription contracts can be consolidated onto one contract for ease of management.

Q: Can I switch to an Industry Collection?

Yes! There are many ways to go about switching if you have a current subscription. If you have an annual, 2 or 3-year subscription, you can migrate that Premium or Ultimate Suite into the Industry Collection for the remainder of your term with no extra charge.

For any other questions you may have on collections, feel free to email us at or check

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