Autodesk Virtual Academy: Fusion 360 – From CAD to CAM


How to break the barriers of traditional CAD to CAM workflows.

Are you currently using separate CAD and CAM tools in your workflow? If so, you run the risk of getting lost in translation and decreasing productivity.

There’s a better way!

This recap of an Autodesk Virtual Academy webcast includes Autodesk CAD / CAM Applications Engineer Wayne Griffenberg as he dives into the capabilities of Fusion 360 CAM. He illustrates how Fusion 360 allows you to break down the barriers of traditional CAD to CAM workflows.

To thrive in the manufacturing industry, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the competition. This session of Autodesk Virtual Academy will illustrate how a single piece of Autodesk software can offer solutions to help keep your company at the forefront of an evolving business environment and further improve the design-to-manufacturing process.

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Hubs Within Autodesk Partner Center

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based Product Development tool with the intrinsic ability to allow collaboration through Autodesk’s Product Innovation Platform. Autodesk has done this by establishing in-browser hubs. These hubs allow users to easily manage and access projects across a wide spectrum, anytime and anyplace.

There is an Activity Log located on the right side of the browser, shown below. This lets you explore projects others have shared with you while keeping track of all uploads, edits, notes, and comments within a design.

Autodesk Virtual Academy - Fusion 360 CAM


Technical Resources

This is a resource that opens up communication between you, your team and your customers across the country. Griffenberg shows how parts can be directly downloaded from a vendor, converted to Fusion 360, and instantly given the ability to make edits and design / functionality changes.

Autodesk Virtual Academy - Fusion 360 CAM


Furthermore, a unified tool library provides multiple tool-types with advanced filter and search measures to ensure you find the right tool for the job.

Autodesk Virtual Academy - Fusion 360 CAM

Fusion 360 is a live simulation engine that gives the user comprehensive control of their part and its precise functionalities. The tools found within the software enable fast and easy explorations of design ideas with an integrated concept-to-production tool set. Operate and manage the design process forwards or backwards, slowly or quickly, with ease and accuracy like never before.

After the webcast, the team answered some questions viewers asked during the session:

Q & A

Q: How do I create a New CAM Tool? Fusion seems to define the processes I can do with a specific tool.

Go to the Tool library. Press ‘New Library’ and right-click ‘Create a New Tool.’ Here, you can select whatever cutter you need. There is a large array of unique tools including ball-end mills and chamfer cutters. You then have the ability to plug in the values for easy custom sizing and defining of your tool.

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