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4 Key Reasons to Use 3D CAD Software

If you are considering using 3-dimension (3D) CAD software on your next design, you have come to the right place! There are several reasons to consider using a 3D CAD program such as Autodesk Inventor or Fusion 360 to develop your next design. Visualizing in a 3D environment, determining physical properties, simulating, prototyping, machining, and […]
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The CAD Interoperability Survival Guide

Multi-CAD Means Mayhem Does this sound all too familiar? • We spend hours working on suppliers’ designs before we can do any real value-added work • We waste time re-importing design changes from partnersand still have to redo all of our modifications like adding ribs or creating tool paths • The engineering firm that does […]
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What is Fusion 360?

You may have these questions in mind when hearing about Fusion 360, “Why invest time in Fusion 360? Is it a glorified 3D modeler that can also create organic shapes? I hear it does CAM. Is that separate? Can I test my model with simulation? What is this thing?!” Read on as we answer these questions […]
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3D Printing in Fusion 360

What to know about Fusion 360 3d Printing In a world where subtractive manufacturing (CNC) has been the focus, advancements in 3D Printing has led to a transition towards additive manufacturing; that’s why we introduced to Fusion 360 3D Printing. In this recap of Autodesk Virtual Academy, you’ll learn how to import a concept sketch into […]
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Fusion Fridays – Free Fusion 360 Training Webinars

Have you wanted to dive into Fusion 360, but struggle to figure out where to begin? Fusion Fridays is a series of free 30-minute webinars providing tips and tricks, info on the latest Fusion 360 updates (they have some awesome updates coming!), and guided tours on how to grow your skills. We’ll be covering topics […]
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Fusion 360: Manufacturing Made Easy

Fusion 360- Manufacturing Made Easy. Manufacturing has always been interesting to me. The fact that you can design a part within CAD software and then physically watch it get built is something that will forever intrigue me and motivate me to design. Growing up, I loved taking things apart, seeing what was inside, and learning […]
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Autodesk Virtual Academy: Fusion 360 Collaboration

One of the greatest perks is Fusion 360 collaboration capabilities. Users can work together on projects, send models to customers, and even pull up a 3D model viewer on their phone. Fusion 360 is very diverse in its export options as well as the types of imported data it supports. In this session of Autodesk […]
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Autodesk Virtual Academy: Fusion 360 – From CAD to CAM

How to break the barriers of traditional CAD to CAM workflows. Are you currently using separate CAD and CAM tools in your workflow? If so, you run the risk of getting lost in translation and decreasing productivity. There’s a better way! This recap of an Autodesk Virtual Academy webcast includes Autodesk CAD / CAM Applications […]
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