How Product Configuration Rules and Logic Maintain Manufacturing Accuracy


Product configurators rely on product rules–a collection of definitions that determine a product’s limitations and interactions–to ensure every product is accurate and well-optimized. Without product configuration rules, users would make mistakes or configure outlandish products that could never be manufactured for a profit.

When users start configuring products, there might be millions of potential configuration possibilities from which to choose. But as they go through the configuration process and product configuration rules are applied, these possibilities become increasingly narrow until, finally, the configurator presents the user with just a handful of options, or a single option, depending on the scenario.

 Several types of rules come into play: 

  • Technical Rules determine features like colors, dimensions, and materials. 
  • Marketing Rules promote certain configurations and prevent others from being sold depending on your specific goals. 
  • Local Rules ensure compliance with the rules and regulations in a particular region or country.
  • Guided Selling Rules provide users with input and recommendations to help them achieve the optimal price or performance. 

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