KETIV Virtual Academy and Digital Manufacturing Series


As we work to digitally transform our businesses, we must continue to innovate and accelerate our knowledge. In an effort to increase learning potential, our team at KETIV will be revamping our current Autodesk Virtual Academy, Ansys Virtual Academy, and Fusion 360 programs. Now introducing: KETIV Virtual Academy and Digital Manufacturing Series!

These targeted webinar series help you focus on manufacturing software products and business transformation. Whether you are looking for manufacturing business content or looking to learn about the latest manufacturing software, we have a series for you!

The History of Autodesk Virtual Academy

Before we say farewell to Autodesk Virtual Academy, let’s talk about its history and the impact it has had on the manufacturing industry. AVA began as a live, in-person event that took place once a year at KETIV headquarters in Brea, CA. As it continued to grow, this eventually became an online event that occurred weekly and morphed in AVA as we knew it. As we continued to digitally transform our business solutions, it was only fitting that our partnership with Ansys came with a webinar series dedicated to their advanced software. Fusion 360 by Autodesk also continued to grow in popularity, leading to the creation of our “Fusion Friday” track, focusing specifically on that software offering. Adding both of these additional webinar series allowed us to provide all the available business software solutions from Autodesk and Ansys.

Come COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our team was sharing this content virtually, one step ahead of the curve, allowing us to grow the program and teach more manufacturers, designers, and engineers about Autodesk software and more.

We are excited to announce that these two new tracks that will continue to provide solutions that digitally transform work environments and manufacturers across the nation.

KETIV Virtual Academy:

This series will give manufacturers, engineers, designers, and more the learning environment and community they have been craving. With new sessions and trainings every Thursday, learn the latest in design and manufacturing technology and software. Discover what’s new in software, get technical tips and training, and engage with experts who use these tools every day.

KETIV Digital Manufacturing Series:

Is your manufacturing company seeking digital transformation?
This monthly webinar series will cover a range of topics including best -practices, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, use cases, success stories, and more. Meet with a team of experts to learn the latest business trends, software tools, and industry need-to-knows.

As we continue to grow, our content must grow with us. Whether you are looking to improve your business track or software skills, we have a webinar session for you. Learn more at Join us as we grow and digitally transform our webinar series like never before. You can still find our previous session on YouTube channel.

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