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by Kanwar Anand, September 17, 2015

The Future of Learning - Is Bigger Really Better?

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Some years ago, as a freshman, my son discovered the struggle that comes with high school math. Most of his teachers approached learning as a structured process with the primary goal of improving test scores. There was little emphasis on why math mattered and how it applied to the real world. As my tutoring expanded to his friends, we started having fun with math. This was also when we discovered the Khan Academy. Salman Khan, armed with three engineering degrees from MIT, had decided that the age-old institution of campus education was ready for change. His dream was to provide “world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”


When KETIV introduced a five day Essentials training course for 3D modeling some years ago, it was considered a fast track class, considering that most college classes took a year to cover the same material. Instructors supported the application of software once the training was complete. We eventually shortened our Essentials classes and offered advanced classes for more challenging topics. The feedback was great and all our classes were simultaneously available to remote web attendees. We’re still constantly challenging ourselves to further optimize our course offerings so that our students can learn quickly and completely.

Nine years ago we introduced the Autodesk Manufacturing Academy, a one day training event with multiple tracks for product training and introduction to emerging technology. With the help of active Autodesk participation, we trained hundreds of engineers in California and Oregon each year. This annual event became the number one networking venue for customers using Autodesk manufacturing software and for others considering it. However, we are reminded that learning is not a one-time event. Just like Salman Khan before us, we realized that it is an ongoing effort that requires consistent nurturing and successful application before moving on to the next topic.


Our team has made the decision to give KETIV AMA a rest this year and focus instead on building robust, online training materials that you can access at your own pace. Instead, you can join us every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time for a quick, live, educational snippet. Topics are carefully selected by KETIV’s engineers based on common support issues and popular training topics. On occasion, we will invite Autodesk and other industry experts to present on our behalf, but you can depend on receiving the information you need to make better decisions for your business not just once a year, but every week.

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