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Training for your Designers and Engineers

Inventor Content Center
The Content Center is a database that contains over 750,000 parts and covers 18 international standards.  It is an environment where standard parts can be accessed from organized libraries.  This feature is widely used and well-known in the Autodesk Community, and it is no surprise that we have created a class on how to configure, […]
Autodesk Inventor
Thermal Simulation: A Fundamental Deep Dive
Heat transfer is one of the most common physical phenomena in engineering problems. Thermal studies provide vital information that can help make engineering design decisions, thereby improving product quality and reducing manufacturing, material and warranty costs. In this session, we begin with the very fundamentals of heat transfer as a physical phenomenon and take a […]
Autodesk Inventor Nastran
How to Update Your Autodesk Account to Reflect a Change in Reseller
Ready to change your Autodesk reseller to KETIV? This article will show you how to quickly update your reseller information within your Autodesk Account.
Autodesk Account
Inventor iLogic – Starting from Scratch
This session focuses on getting you up and running with iLogic. From understanding parameters and equations in Inventor, to learning about conditional statements to create instructions for rules, this training will get you started with iLogic. Application Engineer, Eric Paul walks you through the most essential steps for beginners, this includes: 
Autodesk Inventor
Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing
Master the creation, editing, and documentation of sheet metal parts with custom environments for your applications. Learn the several ways you can create sheet metal parts for design and manufacturing.  In this class, we cover:
Autodesk Inventor
Where to Begin with Finite Element Analysis
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) helps you identify and resolve potential design failures prior to manufacturing, in turn helping to reduce the cost of design and manufacturing. In this session, we discuss the testing and validation of a design using FEA.  In this Productivity Training session, we will walk through the following:

KETIV Virtual Academy

KETIV Virtual Academy is a live, interactive, and free learning experience for design and engineering professionals looking to gain a technical edge.
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What more can KETIV help you with?
On-Demand Learning
Get access to KETIV Productivity Training videos, Jumpstart videos, Pinnacle eLearning, and KETIV Virtual Academy.
Technical Training
Receive custom one-on-one mentoring and group training classes. Both in-person and virtual options are available.
Engineering Services
KETIV provides PLM/PDM configuration services, engineering design and automation, and simulation and design validation (Autodesk and Ansys).

Solutions and Workflows

Inventor Advanced Documentation
After the creation of a part or assembly is complete, the next step is to create a 2D drawing to be used for documentation, whether it is for manufacturing or design representation. The shape, dimensions, and orientation of the part/assembly…
Inventor Professional 2022 Model States
We’re exploring one of the most impactful additions of Inventor’s 2022 release – Model States. This highly requested, brand new workflow will change the way you work with inventor, from iparts to design representations to bill of materials and more….