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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The goal is to empower today’s innovators and manufacturers for a better tomorrow.
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digital transformation for manufacturing

It’s Time to Revitalize American Manufacturing for a Better Tomorrow.

Decades-old problems continue to plague thousands of American manufacturing companies, preventing them from competing in the global marketplace. Inefficient sales, engineering, and manufacturing processes permits competitors, here and abroad, to compete and win.

A reactive approach to business and customers will make you irrelevant. Winners are introducing digital transforming to reduce their costs, streamline the business, and delight customers.

Why is Now the Right Time for Digital Transformation?

The 4th Industrial Revolution, globalization, tariffs, limited resources, pandemics, and digitization are disrupting supply chains and making manufacturers reassess how products get dreamed, developed, and produced. American companies are seeking to regain control, flexibility, and speed by employing modern manufacturing techniques in order to beat the competition.

Digital transformation empowers innovation and smart manufacturing, to drive extraordinary outcomes.

Boost Profitability

Grab a larger share of the market, acquire new markets, lower the cost to acquire and sell, and maintain customers while boosting satisfaction.

“We have saved way more time than it cost to put the automation in place even a few months after the project was completed.”
Michael Lerch, CAD Systems Administrator, Bauer Compressors

Drive Flexibility

Bring better products brought to market, faster. Product customization and Engineer to Order enables the creation of new, niche product categories.

“We have doubled our capacity to process workloads by 207+% with the same staffing levels.”
Holly Forden, Drawing Services Supervisor, Central Arizona Project

Connect More Deeply

Coordinated and data-driven sales, design, and production processes multiply company efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

For Cleaver-Brooks, implementing automation reduced the time spent in the plan stage by 20%, which resulted in a 10% reduction of up-front engineering time for the released jobs.

Start Your Digital Transformation Journey Today

Work with a specialist at KETIV to see how we can help you to beat the competition.

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