The Full Power of Ansys, Made Attainable for Startups

Outperform the competition by getting to market faster with better products. Ansys and KETIV can you there with best-in-class software and services.
Ansys software for startups

Experience the full benefit of industry standard Simulation software for a fraction of the price.

As an Ansys partner, KETIV is able to offer simulation product bundles at significantly reduced costs for qualifying startups.
Get your product tested, manufactured, and into the market faster than the competition.
Mitigate Risk
Test new products before they hit the production line. Cost savings and safer products. Everybody wins.
Enticing Toolkit
Attract new talent and retain existing headcount by giving your engineers the best simulation toolkit on the market: Ansys.

“The startup package has just been great in terms of the additional seats, and it allows us to be more flexible with how we work to deal with the crazy demands of a startup.”

Want to see if you qualify for Ansys startup savings?

KETIV + Ansys

Build with Certainty

KETIV partners with Ansys, a company with simulation baked into their DNA. They have the broadest, deepest, and most powerful portfolio of simulation solutions and over 50 years at the forefront of the industry.

With KETIV’s expertise as an Elite Channel Partner supporting Ansys’s open and flexible architecture, you can integrate Ansys technologies into your existing enterprise environment and experience a rapid return on investment.

Let us help you streamline your engineering processes and eliminate design uncertainty.

Real, Measurable Results

  • Fewer physical prototypes
  • Streamlined design iterations and change orders
  • Less scrap, material loss, and rework
  • Reduced design cycle time
  • Decreased direct product cost
  • Less time spent rectifying design failures
  • Increased workforce proficiency
  • Lower-cost verification and validation
  • Quicker response to RFPs
  • More engineering time spent on innovation
  • Boosted CSAT score

Upcoming Ansys Training & Events

10:00am Pacific

Ansys Icepak in Ansys Electronics Desktop Advanced

Note: Access to this course requires an Ansys Learning Hub subscription Ansys Icepak provides flow and thermal management solutions for many types of electronic design applications. The primary goal of this course is to build …
1:00pm Pacific

Introduction to Ansys LS-OPT

Note: Access to this course requires an Ansys Learning Hub subscription This course overviews using the optimization code, LS-OPT, for design. It covers both theoretical concepts and practical aspects of design optimization. An emphasis is …

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