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KETIV Productivity Training

Productivity Training included with KETIV Support is a monthly online training session on advanced workflows; covering design, documentation, simulation, manufacturing, data management and more!

Upcoming Session:

Bill of Materials

When: Wednesday, June 19th at 8:30AM

Location: Brea, CA & Online

A bill of materials is a comprehensive table that contains a substantial amount of information on the parts within an assembly. This table includes quantities, names, costs, vendors, and any other information someone building the assembly needs. It unites all the departments of your company and is crucial for it to be accurate for your company’s overall success. Join our class to learn about the Bill of Material in Inventor and Vault. We’ll cover:
  • Structures and Item Numbers
  • Properties and iProperties
  • Parts lists and BOMs in iAssemblies
  • Virtual Components
  • BOM Editor
  • BOM Management

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