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Productivity Training

Productivity Training offers KETIV Support customers monthly training sessions on a diverse range of topics.

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Inventor Parametric Modeling Best Practices

May 19th at 8:30 AM PST

Location: Online

Inventor’s true power lies in parametric design–the ability to create models that are connected from top to bottom in a way that lets you change a design element, and all other related elements automatically update themselves. Parametric design reduces the time needed to update models when a design changes, and cuts down on human errors introduced by such changes. In this productivity training, we will learn ways to parameterize parts and assemblies and review techniques and practices vital to success.

  1. Sketch Parameterization: Laying a solid foundation
  2. Parametric Parts: How to build features and parts that are resilient to change
  3. Parametric Assemblies: Connecting parts and their parameters
  4. Dealing with Change: Strategies and techniques for repairing and preventing failures



June 16: Dynamic Blocks AutoCAD



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