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Vault Data Loading

February 19th at 8:30 AM PST

Location: Online

When loading data into Vault data management software, several tools are available to aid in the process of migration and data loading to make the process smoother. It is not uncommon for files to be in question during this process as being unsupported data or corrupt, or for them to be missing file references or containing improper metadata. These issues can cause delays in the migration to proper data management with Vault. Adding new data to an existing Vault also has challenges, such as the possibility of duplicate files.

In this class, we’ll learn about the tools available to transition into Vault, as well as merge new data into an existing Vault while mitigating as many errors as possible. In addition, we are having Data Management Expert Allen Gager from Autodesk showing us how to use the Autoloader inside of Solidworks to load into Vault.

Key Learning Objectives
  • Develop best practices for loading data into Vault
  • Learn how to break down an Autoloader scan into consumable data
  • Learn how to apply Task Scheduler to automate tasks in the migration and loading of data
  • Learn how to resolve common file relationship errors during and after the data-loading process
  • Learn how to use the Autoloader inside of Solidworks to load into Vault

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