by Alex Alvarez, June 16, 2017

Recap: Fusion 360 Meetup - May '17

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Fusion 360 Meetup May 2017.jpg

We recently kicked off our first Fusion 360 meetup and had a great group of people attend. People ranging from industrial designers to enthusiasts were in attendance. What’s great about the diversity is seeing the different applications people are using Fusion 360 for and these meetups expose us to things we never knew the tool can do.

To start off we went over the CAM capabilities within Fusion and demoed a part and some of the best strategies to use if you were to machine the part. Also, what’s neat about the integrated CAD CAM functionality is that if you made a change to the model, the toolpaths you had previously created will update parametrically as well.

Fusion 360 CNC Toolpath.png

We shifted gears into 3D printing and gave a brief presentation on some of the benefits 3D printing has. Before, we used to think of 3D printing as a means of creating prototypes, with today’s modern technology however, big name companies are using 3D printing techniques to manufacture complex, usable parts out of metal! And some are reporting a major decrease in manufacturing time and overhead cost. Next, we jumped into Fusion 360 and demonstrated just how powerful the sculpting tool really is. We asked the attendees their approach to creating the custom lamp shade below.

Fusion 360 3D Print Lampshade.png

Many replied with parametric features such as lofts, sweeps and patterns. Using those methods however, would put you in the 30min to an hour range to complete. We then jumped over to the sculpting environment and showed how in just 10 minutes we can create that part and have a more organic feel to it.

Finally, we displayed the 3D printed lampshade that was printed earlier that day and showed how 3D printing really has no limitations when it comes to how crazy your design is. We look forward to hosting more of these events and continue to expand the Fusion 360 community. If you’d like to know more about these events or want to be a guest speaker and showcase your work feel free to reach out to me at See you there next time!

Lamp Shade 2.png

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