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Simulation in Engineering: The Key to High-Tech Innovation

Do you remember when you had your first smartphone or tablet? It probably felt kind of miraculous at first. Then planes, cars, and medical devices started getting smart, and pretty soon we had refrigerators that could order yogurt and streetlights that adapted to pedestrian movement. Today, it’s hard to find a product development team that […]
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Thermal and Electrical Multiphysics Simulation: Modeling Joule Heating in Ansys

Thermal and Electrical Multi-Physics Simulation can be approached in many ways using Ansys simulation software. You can choose between different Ansys software components, as well as choose how to integrate them.   For instance, Joule heating can be approached in many ways within the Ansys platform. This blog will cover the benefits of using electrical thermal […]
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Plastics 101: Injection Molding Options for Design Optimization

From ubiquitous everyday consumer products to medical devices and high-performance precision parts used in space exploration, the impact of plastics in design and manufacturing is undeniably wide-ranging. For over 100 years, plastics have been used in such a wide range of applications because they are uniquely capable of offering many different properties that offer consumer […]
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Fusion 360: Static Stress Simulation

You need to ensure your product can withstand the test of time. Running your design through a number of simulation tests will ensure you catch potential flaws earlier in the production process, saving you time and money. In our 3rd episode of Autodesk Fusion Fridays, we ran a static simulation test on a bicycle fork crown, […]
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Building Skills for the Generative Design Future

What are the skills for the future of Autodesk generative design? When I started out as a mechanical designer at Hollywood Film Company, the first thing my manager did was put me to work on the company’s assembly line. I thought to myself, “This isn’t what I signed up for,” but he explained that to […]
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The Future of Making Things with Simulation

James Herzing has been a part of the Autodesk Simulation team since 2009 and understands the rapid evolution of simulation. From Autodesk generative design to event simulation, Autodesk is changing the way engineers design and the future of make things. In this recap of Autodesk Virtual Academy, you’ll learn how Simulation solutions now allow you to […]
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How to Prevent Your Computer From Automatically Rebooting

The simulation tools offered by Autodesk are comprehensive and will allow you to solve many interesting problems. The solutions to some of these problems sometimes take many hours to solve. One of the barriers to reaching a successful conclusion is the tendency for Windows to restart your computer without checking in with you first. For […]
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No Need to Dumb Down CAD for the Sake of Finite Element Analysis

Automated geometry simplification tools from Autodesk make it easy to allow well documented CAD to be ready for simulation tools. As a design engineer, you are often asked to remove features from your model. I have heard the following reasons: To save disk space To make it easier to display large models To make it […]
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KickStart International and KETIV Partner to Help African Farmers

In 2016, an Autodesk Redshift article written by Ken Micallef, “How KickStart International Is Pumping Up Entrepreneurial Spirit in Africa,” reported, “Although Africa holds more than half of the world’s arable land, its small-scale farmers are largely unaware of, or don’t have access to, modern water-management methods, relying on traditional indicators such as bird migrations or rising insect populations as signals […]
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