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Sell complex, configurable products easily.

Deliver a memorable experience that removes the barriers in selling while maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Win more business

Convert larger orders, quickly, and more often.

Allow for easy exploration of every option a product has to offer, empowering your customers to make a fast and confident buying decision and upsell themselves.

Cut through the complexity

Unlock the power of dynamic product configuration.

Virtualize your engineering and pricing rules to act as guard rails for a controlled and guided buying experience for anyone you want involved in the sale; sales people, partners, and end customers.

Price and quote effortlessly

Quote the right product at the right price.

Update pricing, pricing details, discounts, and more in real-time, as the user configures product options. The chosen product configuration, along with customer and pricing data, flow automatically to a quote.

Drive the shop floor

Integrated and automate - from BOMs to bots.

Auto-generate CAD, BOMs, assembly instructions, and other outputs for engineering and manufacturing to boost optimization and eliminate errors. Drive smart manufacturing in the factory, like saws, bots, and conveyors.

Ready to start selling in a new way?

Discover more on sales automation and product configuration:

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Manufacturers win more with friction-less ordering

*Results based on a Tacton Customer Value study

"The solutions that we're developing with KETIV are very cool. It's something that the space we're working in hasn't seen before…it's a differentiator."
Eric Anders, Head of Commercial Engineering & Design at Hannibal a Nucor Company
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KETIV + Tacton CPQ

KETIV partners with Tacton, the fastest growing configuration, price and quote (CPQ) solution for manufacturers world-wide, in order to power our customers’ most complex product and pricing solutions.

From visual configuration to CAD automation, KETIV recognizes Tacton CPQ as the spearhead to enact end-to-end automation for manufacturing companies.

Automated CAD and Proposals

Data is the thread that connects digital manufacturing. Product configuration generates powerful data outputs and puts them to work, streamlining your sales and engineering processes. Empower customers, partners, and sales reps to generate accurate 2D and 3D CAD files instantly without the aid of engineering.

  • Customers and sales reps don’t need CAD skills to generate accurate technical drawings and quotes
  • Dynamically update CAD models and file outputs based on user selection for SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, and PTC Creo
  • Compress sales cycles and improve customer satisfaction while reducing reliance on engineering
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