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by Brian Mongkolpoonsuk, February 12, 2019

Streamlining Customer Success at KETIV Technologies

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When you choose KETIV Technologies, you choose success. One thing all clients have in common is the need for efficiency and profitability within their company. By partnering with us, each of our Support Customer Success Specialists, like myself, helps bring you one step closer to this universal goal and gives you better Autodesk support.

How we streamlined customer success at KETIV Technologies

Watch this quick video that I created as an introduction to KETIV Streamline.


Customer Success Manager 

With KETIV Support, our clients will receive reactive support when problems arise and proactive support to successfully propel them into the future. Each of our highly qualified Customer Success Specialists (CSS) creates an annual specialized success plan and customize it to each individual client.

As an example, I sit down with each company to understand their business model, including their short-term and long-term goals. Together, we create a timeline for monthly trainings, new hire on-boarding, and plan ahead for any speed bumps they may face along the way.

Whether it is technical Autodesk support, training, guidance, or consulting that is needed, as a CSS, I am a company’s go-to resource at KETIV.

Streamline Support- Jumpstart On Demand

Our services at KETIV Support similarly extend to new designers and engineers seeking introductory on-boarding for popular Autodesk software. Using our program, such individuals can receive proper introductory training on Inventor, Vault and AutoCAD.

We believe that first-hand training is fundamental in successfully operating in Inventor, Vault and AutoCAD. By learning from our expert specialists, you have the ability to give your new hires and staff employees a personalized learning experience, fit to help all master these tools.

KETIV Support- Productivity Training On Demand

KETIV Support is also a unique resource for more seasoned users, as we offer Productivity Training On Demand sessions on topics such as Inventor Content Center, Factory Design Utilities, Sheet Metal Design for Manufacturing, Where to Begin with Finite Element Analysis and Utilizing the Catalog in AutoCAD Electrical.  Sessions range from intermediate to advanced skill level. It will help our clients not only become familiar with each tools within Autodesk Collections but also help them excel from in-depth classes with the ability to ask live questions to each instructor.

Our value at KETIV is to “Streamline” the learning success process. We have seen the path to success a million times, and we understand that by working together with our clients throughout as much of their processes as possible, we can eliminate the room for errors and leave only room success.

KETIV Support

With the reactive support of KETIV Support, we have technical specialists standing by to help customers who run into software issues or errors. We understand the value of our customer’s time and we work closely with Autodesk to ensure that a large portion of their time is spent on engineering and the continual creations of remarkable designs.


These are just some the features of KETIV Support, but if you’d like to learn more about the data management/Vault portion of this support, you can learn more on our KETIV Support page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about KETIV Support or would like to take advantage of the package, we’re standing by, ready to help.

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