Streamline product management for optimal quality assurance

As digital manufacturing dominates, the integration of Product Data Management (PDM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. Control each phase of your product's journey from design to delivery while by enhancing your operations, ensuring quality, reducing costs, and accelerating time to market.
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Are you exploring a better quality assurance approach?

  • Instilling process enhancements that speed up and refine product designs to reduce returns
  • Mitigating risks associated with change management, product quality issues, and customer satisfaction
  • Ensuring compliance with streamlined processes that reduce complexity and risk

“We can help our customers get to market a lot faster while at the same time optimizing our engineering processes and deliverables.”

Streamline your product lifecycle for faster, superior quality outcomes.

Proper PDM and PLM provides greater design collaboration and communication for all involved in the product lifecycle—from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing—everyone working from a central source of data so you can bring better products to market faster.

Improve product quality
How can you enhance product integrity right from the design phase? Enable closed-loop traceability to facilitate essential design improvements early in your development cycle.
Be more cost-effective sustainable
Tired of wasteful rework and excessive scrap? Learn how automation through PLM can drastically cut down your development costs and minimize waste.
Increase visibility and collaboration
Struggling with siloed departments, systems, and communications? Provide real-time access to crucial data across all departments and locations, boosting productivity and collaboration.

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Why KETIV is your go-to data management partner:

Integrated product development expertise
Our team’s background in manufacturing ensures a profound understanding of product design and lifecycle nuances.
Comprehensive system integrators
We seamlessly integrate PDM and PLM with ERP, CRM, and your design tools to enhance data visibility and drive efficient design and automation.
Autodesk Gold Partner
With 40 years of experience, KETIV and its dedicated experts in Autodesk Vault and Fusion Manage provide industry-leading solutions, from software, to consultation, to full-scale implementation and training.

– KETIV’s PLM experts –

Phil Steiger
Data Management Practice Lead at KETIV

Jason Courtemanche
Data Management Architect

Jose Paredes-Clara
Data Management Application Engineer

Addam Boord
Application Engineer, Managed Services

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